eclectic. effortless. just your style.

What in the world does our slogan mean?

The Oxford Dictionary defines eclectic as "deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources." A style for every mood! A style for every child!

And effortless? We don't want you to have to shop all over the web to find every piece for that special outfit - we want your daughter's style to be effortless on your part - just point, click, and wait by the mailbox!

"Just your style"? Whether you're into a southern vintage look, boho, or street/urban, we want our collections to suit your style.

We hope you are 100% happy with our selections. Please check back often - we intend to delight you with our new designs and lucky finds!



Allison said:

I agree 100% Let little kids be little kids. Your clothes have a way of transforming each kid and their own personality shining through.


Tiffany said:

I think you have accomplished your slogan! We love this shop!

Katelyn McGriff

Katelyn McGriff said:

The website is very effortless. Thank you so much for providing high quality clothing at affordable prices. My daughter is always the best dressed in my town with your styles!

Amanda Rohrer

Amanda Rohrer said:

The whole store is full of outfits that are our style! Absolutely love!

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